Where it all began

I have been paraplegic for over twenty years and had to deal with double incontinence for all that time. I use a custom reusable solid silver catheter to void, and use an irrigation system for my bowel program. I have tried numerous options for my bladder incontinence including botox therapy, pills, patches, diet, it's just an unfortunate part of a spinal cord injury that many have to deal with. But years ago when I needed to find non clinical looking washable conti pads as a back up self catheterisation, my choice was ridiculously limited and clinical looking.
Not willing to wear disposable nappies, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

And Puddlekins was born. A few years later, having branched out into nappies and cloth pads for children and adults, I re-named the company Little Gumnut.

Its aim was very simple, to provide reliable, aesthetically pleasing absorbing wear for the user. Colourful, not clinical white, options and specifications to suit everyone including customers similar to myself with postural and pressure problems that need to be taken into account.

Little Gumnut built a reputable product with the understanding of our customers needs and with my years of neurogenic bladder and bowel experience.

Today, Little Gumnut, now over ten years old, is a provider of bespoke and off the shelf absorbent continence, stoma and menstrual reusable products, custom fitted wheelchair and sports chair upholstery, and functional clothing for customers from all over the world. We support charities that hopefully will one day find a cure for spinal cord injury and other causes of permanent incontinence.


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