Cloth Pads

Cloth Pads

Cloth Pads

Handmade, soft seamed reusable cloth pads for continence and menstrual wear. 

A quick guide to reusable absorbent cloth pads. 

We sell two varieties of pads, 

Slimbo - this is an overlocked pad making it slimmer at the wings. It comes in 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 17" sizes. 

Stoff Stuff - a 'turned and topstitched pad'. We sell this pad in 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17" sizes. 

Little gumnut reusable cloth pads have either a cotton, bamboo or minky top, a hugely absorbent core and are backed with either Maldens Mills branded Polartec 200 DWR technical fleece, or felted Merino Interlock Wool. Both options are breathable and and can be machine washed and dried up to 60c. They are held comfortably on your panties by folding the wings underneath and attaching both together with the attached popper. 

We have spend many months testing different fleeces and backings and Malden Mills Polartec 200 with DWR which we purchase direct from the makers has the perfect characteristics for both uses. It is breathable yet allows the moisture to move across the surface of the fleece without wicking through. It is then wicked up by the internal absorbent core right along the whole pad. Should the pad leak, it should only leak from the sides, which means you have filled the pad over the maximum volume limit for the pad, you should move up a size of pad or change your pad more frequently if this does happen. 

Merino interlock works in a similar way, yet it has not actually been treated, it is naturally hydrophobic, which means it has water repellent properties, the scales on the outside of the fibre cause liquid to roll off the surface of the fabric, making this a great material for us to use in our products. It is also naturally fire retardent, elastic and an incredibly durable fibre. The interlocking protein molecules in the fibres of wool have the power to elongate, stretch and recover, creating an extremely robust fabric that will last. Each and every last wool fibre is made up of many coiled springs that can stretch and give, rather than break. 

All items shown are instock products. If you require something custom made, please let us know. 

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