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  • image Little gumnut is an online store offering a range of re-usable items. We specialise in washable cloth nappies, particularly those for heavy wetters and for night use.
  • image Our fabulous All Hours nappy is a day and night in one purchase. Using the inserts supplied, you can mix and match them to give the right absorbency at each wearing. We also can provide a bespoke nappy making service for all ages and requirements. We can calculate the absorbency that makes each nappy. No other nappy maker has promoted or made their nappies in such a way. We are proud to be that one step ahead.
  • image Little gumnut is a creative company, we design and create a wonderful range of items. We dye, hand print, screen print and machine embroider to your own specifications. From nappies to notions, pillowcases and blankets, cloth san pro and breast pads, we are constantly bringing new products ideas into the market.
  • image Our range of Cloth San Pro Products, named Stoff Stuff are a wonderful and natural alternative to the disposable type of sanitary products. We make them from teenage to postpartum size in a range of colourful fabrics. We also recommend our cloth san pro pads for incontinence, and we can make custom absorbency pads in a size and colour of your choice.

News and Updates

Welcome to Little Gumnut

Happy 2017 to all our present and new customers.

News: We have made a start updating sections of the shop after our time away. Please note that there are no instock items as yet, and orders will take 5-7 days for womens pads and unto 10 days for nappies if they are to be dyed.

I have had tough 15 months but am 90% there and trying my very best.
If there are any problems or you need to talk about your requirements or an order please feel free to email me at lovely@littlegumnut.co.uk or you can phone on 07962 358250. Preferably during working hours.. British working hours! :)