My studio is an eclectic mix of lots of equipment, fabric, and anything related to a whole mix of crafts and the business. This is just the work room, due to lack of space, the rolls of fabric and all fibres now have another room to fill. A few pretty pictures underneath the embedded webcam will show some, that I actually can be tidy….. sometimes!

This is our webcam that floats about the studio with us, if it’s offline you’ll be watching the last recorded item. Note, I try and only film if the studio is tidy! Enjoy! Oh, and I try hard not to show my face.. as my hands do all the making :) Oh, I’m also very sorry if you get adverts, bandwidth on a webcam being viewed over and over again is a little too much for our 1.4mb broadband to host it ourselves! There wouldn’t be enough internet left for our business.. all those images for the shop to upload…and my spotify to play!

If you don’t like classical music… you may possibly want to turn the volume down.

Off Air = recorded broadcast……. LIVE means we’re live!!!!

Washed fabrics ready for cutting

Nappies waiting to be sewn together

After a tidy

machines off for a service

A few of the machines working hard

The roll storage under the table, before another room was needed