A book a week..

This year, my new years resolution was to buy myself a new book every week. So this week I have bought myself a book written by Victor Osborne called Diggers Diary, Tales from the Allotment.  Oh my, what a good read!!!!!!! If your into growing food for yourself, this is an excellent night time read.. […]

The new wagon

Right, first lot of seeds were too weedy, the 2nd lot the kittens found.. better late than never, third lot are all in.. outside in the cold frames.. almost every thing is up.. all a little later than planned, but it’s ok, its warm and they will come along nicely. I went to the allotment […]

The key to the allotment…

Well I am am now the proud tenant of my 5.5rod (126m2 ish) allotment plot! I’d been on the list for just over two years, and my new years present from the council was a phonecall to say I had come to the top of the list and as I had phoned up a few […]

well….read the manual?

Madam B is working hard. The 9mm stitch on her is just lovely to work with. I’m having just a slight problem with her mechanics though. She comes with a knee lift and an electronic button on the head of the machine to lift the presser foot up. I personally can’t use the knee lift, […]

The day….the wait…

09:08 I’m sitting on my computer, waiting, looking though the orders I’m going to be doing today. No mention of  a  time, nor even a Am or PM delivery. Off to work .. will forgot about it for a  bit!

busy busy…

Well I’ve been so busy here! Digging up a pond and getting in 9 tonnes of top soil to fill it! My lovely new Bernina is settling in just fine. I know there was a time I was thinking of giving her up, just days after I bought her, but after a few phone calls […]

when the creativity is 24/7….

…its hard to find the time to post on a  blog.. or even remember you have one… but with the start of a  new life with another new Bernina, and an allotment, a growing business, I feel the urge to share my pretty busy life! This part of my site will be all about my […]

Hello world!

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