Soilless planting

I’ve spent a while thinking about more efficient ways to improve the productivity of my allotment. Whilst I’ve got raised beds to help me focus on the separate beds, and keep it looking tidier, giving me room to move in and out of them, I’ve done a lot of brain storming on how to manage […]

the seed list

Early I know to start thinking of next seasons plant choices, but as we are now over half the way through September, and the year will quickly disappear, I have ordered my seeds for the upcoming Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons, all apart from the potatoes which I will buy from the allotment shop. This year […]

I love sweeties..

Sweets, I know they rot my teeth, and I know they are full of bad sugars, and I know they only give me a sugar kick for a few minutes.. but there’s just something about sweets. Now I love savoury things, I like tomatoes on toast for breakfast, I like salami and cheese, olive by […]

dirty dyeing

Dyeing is fun. It’s messy, it’s time consuming and it can give the most chaotic outcomes. Do something the same way twice and the same it will never be! This week I’ve been dying 20 metres of bamboo velour for a few orders and some to keep in stock, well I might as well do […]

August plans for the allotment

Well not too surprisingly, this yr at the allotment has been a little unproductive. I would say that a lot of time was spend doing structural work, rotating the plot, putting the giant raised beds in, shifting stones, digging perennial weeds out constantly, and putting perennial vegetable plants in! I say unproductive, but we have […]

Wales July 2011

Oh it was fab.. so pretty .. Wales was really blessed with the weather in the mountains too for the first 4 days… and then erm.. well.. pics later ;) We stayed the longest at Llyn Gwynant.. which I hope to return to at some point.. just gorgeous.. camping right by the lake.. surrounded 360 […]

The back garden chickens…

Well, over the winter I lost two older chickens, and yesterday I had to put my ex bat down after advice from a few friends and the vet. So I was left with 1 black silkie, who although is cute, she is a not a layer. She is a “brooder”! She lays but twice a […]

The pantry journey 2011

Well it’s a new year and most of the plants are well on their way to producing generous amounts of colourful yummy dinners and puddings. There is not much to do in the way of preserving yet from the vegetables and fruits planted this year, but there are a good few plants producing enough now […]

Other obsessions have had to go…

A few months ago at a friends house, I met a neighbour of hers who does eggs for hatching.. day old chicks and the like. Oh, how lovely it would be to watch 24 little eggs hatch in an incubator, seeing them go from wet little chicks to fluffy little chicks overnight. Holding them in […]

Raised beds.

Saturday The day came,  the hours went past. I phoned Wickes once more at just gone twelve o’ clock to find out where our “am” delivery has gone. “It’s been changed to a pm delivery, is that ok?”, the lady on the phone stated, as if that is not an option, it is just how […]

Kew Gardens

I took a day to Kew Gardens last week, for inspiration, and a day to look at the spring growth there. The aliums were just about to explode everywhere… maybe I should go this week too, to see dots of pink and purple sticking out of flower beds everywhere I turn. The rockery was amazing, […]

The rockery

From “The Front Garden” post previously, “This spring the pond was filled, after the dog ate the last fish. It has been turned into a gravel and large granite rock covered garden. Well… rockery it is named because of all the rocks that are now on it.. only one thing missing.. plants!’ It has been […]