June Nappy Giveaway – winner is Angela Flint!

We Have a Winner!!!! After a whole bar of Green and Blacks butterscotch milk chocolate, I finally chose the colourful faces!!!! Well done to Angela Flint! I love cloth san pro, but we have had quite  a few months of csp giveaways now! So this month, I am offering a custom nappy in the winners […]

Cloth pad give away – April 2012

Right as we are moving over to this part of my site anyway because of Facebook rulings on give-aways, I thought I”d post the video of Maisy’s Winners Selection Process video here. Now, working with animals isn’t easy, and as I was just telling someone, this was a complete time waster this morning.. Take 5 […]

1. the start of our hydroponics journey

I can not believe we are now half way through March, the months are flying past and the allotment is about to start the 2nd quarter of the year! I’ve been so busy with work and new life commitments I feel I have neglected our search in self sufficiency. With this in mind, this week […]


Product identity design

I’ve been squirming over the paper labels I printed out for the yarn, I liked them, but they seemed so normal and ordinary. I did not want to go down the printed sticker route, as I want the labels to reflect something that is original and quite often a one of a kind item, I […]

Seasonal Colour

I can see the bulbs poking tips of green out of the cold ground, little pockets of colour popping up everywhere. Greens and yellows against the wet browns of the soil. Soon the bulbs will be nearing their flowering phase, and the gardens, lawns and woods will be full of colour. I’m already getting ready […]

The crock pot through the year

There have been lots of discussions recently about slow cooker/crock pot cooking, so I thought I’d write out a bit about what our 6.5l work horse does for our household. Our current crock pot is an Ainsley Harriot, re-badged Home-Tek 6.5l slow cooker , model AH165. I’ve had this one for around 5 years now. […]

Name your yarn – results….

Two weeks goes so quickly doesn’t it! Seventeen lovely fans submitted their colour ways for their friends to vote on. I love all the colour choices people came up with and all the name choices. Best of all, the winner gets to have exactly the colour way they wanted which means that as the winner, […]

The business in 2012

2012: the plans. It’s now a month into the year, and with ideas flowing through my brain, there is never enough hours in any one day to implement everything one wants to do for their business, their life or just for oneself. My business plan is a journey, an ever changing journey, and for the […]

Song of the Spinning Wheel

Song of the Spinning Wheel SWIFTLY turn the murmuring wheel! Night has brought the welcome hour, When the weary fingers feel Help, as if from faery power; Dewy night o’ershades the ground; Turn the swift wheel round and round! Now, beneath the starry sky, Couch the widely-scattered sheep;– Ply the pleasant labour, ply! For the […]

lost and found

Following on from the last post where I mentioned all the different options for spinning I was looking at, my birthday has come and what should arrive but an Ashford Electric Spinner!  Of course it was opened a day early, as soon as the courier delivered it the scissors were out taking the tape off […]


Back to real life…

It’s been a lovely Christmas and New Year. I started my Tea Leaves Cardigan on the 29th of December 2011, and ended up frogging it back to the neck and shoulders after realising the measurements I had taken were way over my body measurements, even though my swatch was perfect and I had taken the […]

addi addi addi and the beekeepers quilt.

Isn’t that the most glorious thing to do, sit up on the sofa with an 8 year old girl and teach her to knit? It was the most glorious, the most relaxing evening I’ve actually ever had with her for a long time. We sat there and chatted like were both the same age, about […]