We’re having a busy month here, three competitions this month, and we still haven’t sown our chilli seeds! I’ve promised myself this weekend to bring the propagator into the little gum nut workroom and sow them, It’s perfect for them in here, not too warm so they’d go leggy, not so cold that they won’t want to germinate, and we have the perfect lighting for photographs, pure daylight bulbs! Anyway, this was about competitions ;)


Giveaway Number 2! Ends February 28th!

Up first is our Monthly Slimbo Competition, it’s back ;) Win a  Slimbo, every month, except this month there’s two pads to be won in this competition!


Giveaway Number 2! February 14th – 21st
Wouldn’t it be lovely if even more presents got given after Valentines day!
Between the 14th-21st of February, the lovely Tamsin at Eco Fluffy Mama is hosting a  Lovely Little Gumnut giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive a limited edition Slimbo in the “Love Bird” print! Details on her website coming very soon! I’ll update here when it goes live ;) Click on the give-away below to go to her site!

Giveaway Number 3! February 10th – 22nd

Our Mothers Day giveaway is starting early. We will be giving one of our lovely followers an amazing customised scarf from MyStory Gifts​. The  MyStory scarves are custom made from your photos. You provide a minimum of 100 photos, securely on their site, you choose a filter colour for your scarf, and they print your scarf and send it on to you with 21 days! It will make such a beautiful bespoke gift, or you could even gift it to yourself!

Please please go and look at their page, they are good friends of ours, and they have the most adorable 9 month old identical twin girls! Want to see them? Here is the founder and owner of MyStory Gifts with her two gorgeous twin girls!
We’ve put this competition up on an app on Facebook, as the whole point of me doing a giveaway for them was to gain traffic on their side. Everyone knows how much small businesses have to push for traffic now Facebook are sharing less in the news feeds, unless you pay them of course! So I’ve made this giveaway  a pass it forward, business to business. Lets share some love! Lets get this competition underway! We haven’t got long!

Mothers day with MyStory Gifts