Tiny changes you ask? Yes! Just minute changes, but changes that are noticeable, and changes that affect our customers, and our business.

We’re talking about customer preferences. We may love everything we make here, and the majority of the customers do to going by our last few Sunday shop updates, the stock flies off the shelves. Sometimes in less than 24 hours, sometimes in a couple of days. But….

We have to keep up with what the customer preferences are. These change all the time, slowly but surely. When we started, cotton knit print outers were the way into the customers heart, cute ooga booga prints, giraffes, owls.. they all come in waves.. but just like waves they all sink backwards. Hand dyed fabrics, of the bamboo variety came next, as many colours and variants of the rainbow as you can give the customer the better, beautiful embroidery added as a personal touch, appliqués .. but mainly in 2D we have done for as long as we’ve been around. We mainly kept that to our linens though!

Oh we did do a few embroidered nappies..

As lovely as they all are, and I especially love hand dyeing all the fabrics, customers have a new preference, it’s called Pretties.

Pretties are non other than the prettiest nappy you’ve ever seen. Ruffles, embroidery, appliqué, and hopefully all on one nappy. The prettiest nappy of course is going to be the the most time consuming one, with different fabrics layered and shaped to produce the most stunning nappy a mother ever did see. It should be so good she will squeal with delight as you post a picture of the new ‘pretties’ in the shop. They need to be unique, preferably no two alike to have the best status of all OOAK, one of a kind.

Now, today being Tuesday, our creative fun day, no really it’s a serious event every week I set aside for product development, I kill a whole day testing out ideas, putting layers and layers of fabric into the sewing machines, test new embroideries, all sorts of things happen on Tuesdays. The ‘pretties’ have been on my long list of product development ideas for nearly a year, and this past year has shot past so fast! So today was the day I set my mind to the ‘pretties.

What do our pretties need to be? They need to be better than our already ‘best nappy’. So to be that, they need to still be as absorbent, so will still be All Hours, our packed to the max nappy for heavy wetters, day and night. They need to be coverless, as what’s the point of a pretty nappy thats hidden behind a cover, so they need to be an Ai2, an all in two nappy, with a hidden waterproof layer.

They need to be unique. I’ve noticed that everyone seems to have the same formulae for ruffles. They either go across the nappy at the back in lines..

straight or curved, but after relentless searching, no one seems to actually make anything out of them!

The best kept secret on how to make ruffles is not, lower tension, sew a line and pull the underneath thread it is merely having the right tools for the job. Along cometh the….

Bernina Ruffle Presser Foot Attachment no.86..

Thankfully I got it free when I bought my last Bernina 820.. as the foot costs a mere £70 from Bernina! I’ve only used it for curtains and making ruffled tea towels, oh yes, I did put lines of ruffles across some tea towels once…and it helped make a gathers on an empire line dress.

So that was our cue, I fiddled, and below is what became of our day of creative brain storming.

One of the ‘pretties’ for this weeks shop update, is this one below. It is made from a ‘bi-cut’, thats two pieces of fabric sewn together so the fabric colours are different front and back, in this case we have a pink minky front and a pale blue back, embossed minky non the less! A ruffle flower has been put on back and there is padded minky topped centre.

I’d really like to call these Blooming Pretties… but I shall restrain…

So our Tuesday session was pretty and bright, just as it should be! I have drawn 30 plus different designs out as they came into my head yesterday, both girl and boy pretties will soon be at Little Gumnut.