Well, it’s taken this long to be able to grasp all the scrap bins by the hand and actually make something from them, by scraps I don’t really mean scraps, I mean the 1/4 and 1/2 meter pieces that are not enough to make a collection of nappies from, but enough to make little sets of goods. So today, I woke up at 4.30.. after hearing a friend does this to keep up with her business. I woke, I drank coffee, but it wasn’t till the second cup of C8H10N4O2 did my brain actually decide to realise I needed it, alert!

By 5.30 I was racing along. I had packed all the orders from the weekend, planned my entire day, and on I got with it!

Plus lots of CSP tops, just awaiting the new rolls of fleece to arrive plus the 40 yards of zorb from Wazoodle, and we can get on with a rather large but lovely wholesale CSP order from one of our retailers Feminine Wear.

Not a bad day, I might do this every other day, as right now I’m awake and still working at midnight. Tomorrow my brain might just refuse to budge quite so early! But thats ok, almost everything that was made today has sold, and is the mail sack by our front door awaiting the courier pick up in the morning.

After a little row with Royal mail about sizes, aka the 80mm box can’t fit through an 80mm hole, CNC engineered boxes or not, that is not going to happen, and with Royal Mail pricing now hitting the roof, I decided to go ahead and find a cheaper alternative. Week one with MyHermes has gone fabulously. I know there are lots of awful reviews on the internet, but that is human nature for you. never sing praise, but always complain.

I’ve had plenty of parcels go astray with Royal Mail, so to be fair they are not perfect by a long shot! This will be our third pick up tomorrow, and so far 35 parcels have been sent with no negative feedback from our customers.

I have battled this week with getting the shipping to not allow customers to use the Large Letter rate which we intended,  (when we bought A LOT of apparently Royal Mail compatible boxes), to use to allow customers a cheaper parcel rate. But it will be very difficult to ask a customer to Pay the difference in cost after they have paid for an order, an order which wont fit into those little boxes! Another thing, is I will begrudge going down to the post office which will take up an hour of my day to take one or two very small large letter rate parcels down there, whilst awaiting the courier pick up at home, I can not be in two places at the same time,  so because of that I have decided to have a flat rate shipping charge in the shop, and stop using the Royal Mail Post Office Counter Services altogether. Wholesale orders may still be best through the Post Office, but I’m doubting it when TNT etc can give me a better deal and pick up and match the insurance level.

My biggest quarm is that I won’t be going out quite as much. I do enjoy walking the dog to the post Office and playing on the beach with her on the way back, but I do not enjoy that 4pm moment when I’m racing around making sure I have a charged phone etc just in case an address won’t go through at the counter. The trips out in the pouring rain aren’t quite so nice either! Packing Rucksacks, sticking all the tracking labels on before I go to save the Post Mistresses time, I could work up a pros and cons list, I think I know which way it will swing now though!

So our shipping prices as of the 30th April 2013 are £3 up to 1kg, £4 up to 2kg £5 up to 5kg. Next day shipping is something we will look into as Paypal give a good rate on Parcel Force 24 and 48 hour services, but they are still £13 and £11 respectively, I will have to see how much Special Delivery now is for a normal parcel, that or find another courier firm just to deal with that sort of collection.