In the store from this weekend will be our newest nappy, the little gumnut hybrid.  They give the option of a nappies are nothing new, they have been around for quite a while. They give the option of a coverless nappy with out the need for using plastic coated fabrics. No crinkling, always soft, and drier than using a non hybrid.

There is a layer of fleece between the outer layer and the core which deters moisture passing through to the outer layer, keeping it all in the core. The nappy wont last as long as using a plastic of wooly cover, but you should get a good 3 hours with our heavy wetter nappies, coverless, so you can see the gorgeous nappy, instead of covering it up!

Our 20% off voucher will still be available for use this Sunday update, so do make use of it, as it ends at midnight!