February Competitions at Little Gumnut

We’re having a busy month here, three competitions this month, and we still haven’t sown our chilli seeds! I’ve promised myself this weekend to bring the propagator into the little gum nut workroom and sow them, It’s perfect for them in here, not too warm so they’d go leggy, not so cold that they won’t […]


Tiny Changes…

Tiny changes you ask? Yes! Just minute changes, but changes that are noticeable, and changes that affect our customers, and our business. We’re talking about customer preferences. We may love everything we make here, and the majority of the customers do to going by our last few Sunday shop updates, the stock flies off the […]


Time to play!

Well, it’s taken this long to be able to grasp all the scrap bins by the hand and actually make something from them, by scraps I don’t really mean scraps, I mean the 1/4 and 1/2 meter pieces that are not enough to make a collection of nappies from, but enough to make little sets […]


April 28th shop update

Well another week to update you all with! It is another rainbow update, I know I’ve been playing with rainbows a lot recently, but, I think this is so lovely. I thought this week we could all SHARE the whole rainbow! So this weeks listings are beautiful dip dyed nappies, red into yellow, yellow into […]


A little gumnut draw!

I am so super excited to have reached over 2000 likes on our facebook page! Thank you all so much for liking our wonderful business, it means so much to me, we have worked so mightily hard to get to where we are now! So as promised and without further ado, we are holding a […]


April 21st shop update

We’ve teamed together some of our matching dots and stripes for fronts and backs of nappies! The Carnival print is dedicated to the whole nappy though, there is no way I cut cut that in half, it’s much too beautiful! All these gorgeous prints are designed my Patty Young for Micheal Miller, on lovely thick […]


The new little gumnut hybrid nappy.

In the store from this weekend will be our newest nappy, the little gumnut hybrid. ¬†They give the option of a¬†nappies are nothing new, they have been around for quite a while. They give the option of a coverless nappy with out the need for using plastic coated fabrics. No crinkling, always soft, and drier […]


April 14th Shop Update – Preview

We’ve gone a little ‘hippy’ this week, with bold tie dyed nappies! There are 25 nappies up for grabs in this weeks update! Remember to use your discount code from the last newsletter! You can use it as many times as you like till the end of Real Nappy Week. At 7pm GMT+1 ..all the […]


Blank socks, sock blanks..

We’ve been having some play time, no, it’s work honest! We’ve got the knitting machine out to create gradient sock blanks for our shop, and for me! I’ve knitted so many socks recently, I thought it was high time I knitted some gradient ones! It has been so much fun watching knitted rows just form […]


Easter at little gumnut

We have some treats coming up for you! We’ve bought in these very retro cardboard Easter Eggs! Now I call them REAL Easter Eggs, don’t you? Easter promotion coming up! These lovely little limited edition Easter Eggs have been filled with gorgeous cotton Limited Edition Slimbos! Only 15 packs on offer, when they’re gone .. […]


Good morning 2013!

I love the New Year start. It is a mad dash for everyone prior to Christmas, it slowly calms down and a new era starts. Fresh thoughts, new plans, resolutions perhaps. Last year my new years resolution was to buy a new text book, every single month, and I did really well, every month learning […]